Restore a Teak Dining Table

Outdoor Teak Dining Table

Outdoor Teak Dining Table

Teak Dining Table – Take an old dining table back to life by restoring the work to its original shine. The time it takes to renew your table depends on the extent of the damage and the total size of the table. It may take a day or several days to do the job. Make sure you have the right tools and help friends and family to make the job easier.


Place a large sheet underneath your Teak Dining Table if you plan to hold it in while working. Take the table into the garage if you do not want the smell of wood stains permeate your house. Clear the area around the table so you have enough room to work. Dam the table carefully with white towels. Remove dust from inside the cribs and under the table. Attach 150 slip papers to a hand grinder or electric grinder. Sand the table until all old finishes are removed. Grinding can be time consuming. You may want to ask friends or family members for help with this part of the job.

Grinding is necessary only if the Teak Dining Table requires full restoration. You do not need the sand if the table has any scratches or chips. Damp the table again to remove dirt dust. Pour clear paint in a paint boiler and apply a brush to apply a thin layer of clear wood finish. Continue applying goal finish until your table is completely covered.  Allow clear area to dry for two days before proceeding to the next step.

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