Correct Way to Teak Dining Set

Oval Teak Dining Set

Oval Teak Dining Set

Teak Dining Set – Whether you want to create a formal atmosphere for a deliciously prepared meal family the right to set up a dining table creates a refined tone. Specific details, such as the type of meal served or the number of courses may change the arrangement. Formal dinners provide a nice variety for a casual dinner and do not take much extra effort.


Cover the table with a tablecloth and see the cloth hanging equally on all sides. Place dinner or service plate on the Teak Dining Set. The Butler’s Guild suggests that the edge of the plate rests 1 inch from the edge of the table. Put the soup bowl on top of the plate. If the course will not be served, this step is unnecessary. Place the dessert fork directly to the left of the plate, dinner the fork left by the dessert fork and salad fork left by the dinner fork. Place the knife along the right side of the plate, leaf turned to the left. Then add teaspoon to the right of the knife and mushroom spoon to the right of teaspoon, if necessary.

Place a bread plate directly above the forks and place a butter blade horizontally over the top of the plate. Place napkins that have an intricate on either the serving plate or butter plate. If the napkin simply folds, place it under the knife and spoon. Place a water glass above and slightly to the left of the Teak Dining Set. Place the wine glass above and between the knife and spoon. If both white and red wines are served, place a second glass directly to the right of the first wine glass. The wine that is paired with the main course is to be served in the ultimate wine glass.

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