How to Tell If African Teak Wood Is Authentic

Jan 25th

As African Teak hardwood furniture has risen in popularity over the past few years, as well as increasing government regulations regarding its exports in Indonesia, the wood has become modest. Supply or demand from the basic economy. If there is a decrease in supply, prices go up. This declining supply has initiated the engineering of teak from other sources. This could be synthetic teak, which is usually grown in Africa or South America or even artificial wood, an imitation not sold as real wood. Fortunately, the latter is less common.

Is Teak A Hardwood

African Teak is solid hardwood and not splinters. Wood sawdust is soft and has a pleasant aroma. Many say that the smell reminds them of sweet oil, a bit like vegetable oil. While some may wonder about the source of the wood scent, it is important to remember that it is oil-rich wood and this is the source of the woody smell.

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African Teak that has been painted or colored will not have the rich aroma that the original version will achieve. The painting or coloring can cause changes to the wood, so it is best to try and save it-naturally. Throughout the life of wood, teak oil moves from the center of the wood (called ulin wood) and after harvest and along with the wooden period, the oil migrates from ulin wood to the outer layer of wood. This process allows teak for good weather, resistant to rotting, insects and fungi.

 How to tell if wood is teak,

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