Natural Durability Golden Teak Furniture

Jan 25th

Golden teak wood stands out for its properties when used to make products that are placed outdoors, especially for its natural durability. Currently it is one of the best known tropical woods on the market and among its many uses include shipbuilding and outdoor and luxury furniture. It is a species that stands out for its magnificent characteristics of natural durability, in addition to having a good dimensional stability.

Golden Teak Wooden
Golden Teak Wooden

Golden teak wood has an antiseptic resin that makes it resistant to the attack of various organisms, such as termites or fungi. To its good stability, it must add its high resistance to water, cracking or rupture, because it has natural oil that makes it impermeable, which makes it a widely used wood in shipbuilding. It is also an optimal wood for outdoor, being able to adapt to extreme weather conditions.

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Golden teak is known as the Queen of the Woods for its ability to not break down when in contact with metals, in addition, its appearance improves over the years, so it is usual to find it in luxury furniture. The teak wood is intense golden brown, normally, but it has a wide range that varies from reddish to very pale tones. It also admits treatments or paintings to change its color without losing its appearance.