How to Clean Teak House

Jan 24th

Teak House – Moss is a small plant that does not have flowers or seeds and typically grows in areas where the light is weak. Moss grows on different surfaces including trees, roofs and houses ranger ban. Moss is not only ugly; it can give stains on wooden exterior walls as well as trap moisture to the house. Too much moisture can increase the risk of your wooden house sideways developing and mold growth.

Teak House Unique
Teak House Unique


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Rinse the moss away Teak House sideways with a water hose. Do not use a high pressure washer as it may damage the wooden ranger farm. Brush any remaining moss from ranger ban with a stiff brush. Fill a 5 liter bucket with 1 liter of water. Add 1/4 cup of TSP disodium phosphate to the water and mix well. TSP is a heavy cleanser used to kill fungus like mold and remove tough stains. TSP is available at the building department store.

Measure a stiff brush in the mixture. Scrub the Teak House sideways to remove moss, mold, dirt and other debris. Start at the bottom of the side track and work your way up. Dip hard brush in the batter when it becomes dirty or dry. Continue scouring the wooden house sideways until it is properly cleaned. Rinse mixture from ranger ban with a water hose. Work in small areas at a time. Begin at the bottom and move the water stream upwards in a steady forward and backward motion.

Tips and warnings

Use rubber gloves when working with chemicals to prevent skin irritation.